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We are a specialist physiotherapy clinic that focuses only on the assessment and treatment of headache related conditions.

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To get the best results, we like you to attend 4 to 5 times in the first couple of weeks. This is what is recommend to all patients to get the best outcomes as for the most part the headaches/migraines are long term, so it does take this time and frequency of treatment to make a difference.


If you cannot commit to this frequency due to finances or distance travelled for example, we can still treat you and you should still notice an overall improvement, but possibly not the best outcome. After the initial 2 to 3 weeks of treatments, they are usually able to be spread out gradually, guided by how your headache/migraine has responded and how you are feeling. 


The normal process after the initial block of treatments, is that you will be seen a week later, then have the treatment gradually stretched out to 3 or so months, once the headaches are resolving. If at any time the headaches return, we can look at offering you further treatment.